10 Things We Love About Michigan Water Polo

Jan. 8, 2014

Second-semester classes begin today, and for the Michigan water polo team, it means that the season is finally here. With just 10 days remaining until the official start of the 2014 season, the Wolverines gathered 10 things that make Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan and the Wolverine water polo team so special.

10. We can pass by complete strangers anywhere around the country, yell "Go Blue," and immediately become friends.

9. We easily adapt to playing through anything. Shine or rain, thunder or lightening, sleet or snow, we are in the pool. Also, no matter the date or time we practice, sunblock, sunburns and bad tan lines are never a concern.

8. We have been a dominant force on the East Coast for our program's 14-year history, and yet we are always striving to be better. We also earn a ton of frequent flyer miles during season.

7. Painting the rock in the beginning of the year.

6. All the teams at Michigan take academics very seriously, and our team is certainly no exception. We take a lot of pride in our numerous academic achievements, and we are so thankful for our incredible academic advisor, Angie Beck.

The Rock, Team Photo

5. Ann Arbor food. There is an abundance of wonderful eateries and diversity of food that surrounds the university. There are almost too many delicious options.

4. Making snow angels to get the rest of the team out of a hard swim set.

3. Big House runs. We have access to the country's largest StairMaster. It's especially majestic in the fall when we watch the sun rise as we run the stadium stairs. We also love football games at the Big House.

2. Representing the block M. At Michigan, with its incredible tradition of greatness, we are truly a part of something bigger than ourselves.

1. The Team! We love spending nearly every waking minute with our 23 teammates -- practice, classes studying in the Ross Academic Center, living with, eating with, etc. Team 14 has great spirit, and we're so grateful to take this journey together.

Big House, Downtown Ann Arbor