Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Allison Skaggs
Allison Skaggs

Jan. 23, 2014

Freshman Allison Skaggs was named the CWPA Western Division Rookie Player of the Week after her first collegiate tournament, where she posted three goals, two assists and four steals at the Michigan Kick-Off (Jan. 18). Skaggs started both U-M games, one of just a select few Wolverine freshmen in program history to start immediately and aims to be a major factor for the Wolverines this season.

As the Wolverines take advantage of a two-week break in competition to work on strengths and weaknesses from the opener, Allison sat down after a midweek practice to talk about her debut, her role as a freshman and U-M's road trip to California.

Q: How was your first weekend of official college competition?
A: It was really exciting. I was pretty nervous, and obviously we didn't get the outcome that we wanted but I think that just shows that we are really young and that we have so much more room for improvement. It was a good weekend and a good place to start.

Q: Obviously the team came out of the opening weekend with a lot of things to work on. With two weeks until your next competition, are you starting to work on some of these things in practice?
A: Absolutely. I think Matt and Ryan are doing a really great job with identifying fixing things we did wrong, but it's also up to us to work really hard and put in that much extra effort because we're about to play the top teams and it's not going to get any easier.

Q: As a freshman on a very young team, do you feel some responsibility to step up?
A: Definitely. I feel a little pressure, but that's good and I knew that coming in. I knew we would be young when I committed here, so I just decided to take it as a great challenge. We won't be young forever, so we just need to continue to battle and grow this year and hopefully prove to people that just because we're young we can still be good.

Q: How are you enjoying Michigan? It's a big change for you.
A: I love it. It is definitely different. Coming back from winter break into the polar vortex was difficult, but I am getting used to it. Just throw on a jacket and it's all good. I really love Ann Arbor. All the energy and events going on, I don't think I would ever have been able to find that in California. There's so much going on, and you develop such great relationships with all the other student-athletes. It's a lot fun.

Q: Saying that, are you excited to go to California next week?
A: Yeah, I am very excited. My dad texted me last night saying it's 75 degrees, so I am excited about that. My parents are coming, and I have a lot of friends on the teams we will be playing. It will be fun and very tough competition. I'm nervous, but I think it will be really good for us. I think we just need to set a goal for each one of those difficult games, like making every pass a perfect pass or taking 20 shots in a half. I just think achieving those small goals will ultimately improve our game. If we can play with these team in California, we can definitely have a chance to play with and beat any other team on our schedule.

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