Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Hathaway Moore
Hathaway Moore

Jan. 30, 2014

In her second year as a team captain, senior Hathaway Moore is a primary leader on the Wolverines' young 2014 squad. After missing the first part of last season with injury, she returned at the midpoint and contributed 11 goals and 14 assists, including three multi-point efforts in postseason play. This season, she tallied one goal and one assist in an opening-day loss to rival Indiana.

After a two-week break from competition, the Wolverines are preparing for their first road trip of the season -- a cross-country trip to California for a tough five-game slate. Hathaway took some time around afternoon classes to talk about the focus in recent practice, the upcoming weekend of action and her goals for her final collegiate season.

Q: You've had two weeks of practice since that opening weekend at the Kick-Off. What are some things that you identified from those games and have been able to work on?
A: I think hard being so young. A lot of the girls aren't used to our style of play, so it's all very new and different for them. That first tournament definitely opened up a lot of areas where we need to focus -- speed, fundamentals and basic game play are all areas that we noticed a need to work on and just coming together as a team. We have 19 underclassmen, so making sure we're all connected in the water is really key. So, the last two weeks, we've been swimming a lot, scrimmaging and just working on all those areas. We're looking forward to applying it this weekend.

Q: Was it a beneficial scheduling move to have two weeks of practice to follow the opening tournament?
A: Yes, especially since our next tournament is in California, where the competition is always a lot tougher. It's good to have those two weeks to look back, reflect, watch a lot of game film and look at areas that we're struggling and need to work on. Over those 14 days, we have a great opportunity to work day in and day out, not have to focus on another tournament and get a lot of yardage and practice in.

Q: Does playing Indiana on the first day give the team a really good benchmark of where it needs to be?
A: We knew our first time against Indiana was going to be really tough. We play them three more times. So, if anything, this lights a little fire under the team. We're not happy about it, but now we're moving on. We're working really hard and driving ourselves that much more to beat them in the end.

Q: This has become a common question. Are you looking forward to California this weekend?
A: Yes. I'm from Stanford, so I'm going home. I'm also very excited for the opportunity to play against tough competition. Since most of our team is from California, we're playing against girls that we played with in high school. We'll have a lot of parents and family there in the stands. It's fun to go back, see some friends and play against top-flight competition. It will be good for us and then move on to the next tournament.

Q: What do you want to really focus on, game-to-game, in your final season?
A: As a team, obviously our main goal is to win Easterns and go to NCAAs. It's haven't been able to do that the past three years, so as seniors, Kelsey, Audrey and myself, this is our last shot at it. So, we're going for it. We know we have the talent and the coaching and the willpower to get there. Personally, I just want to be a leader in the pool. Having such a young team, it's really important that Dani, Beth, Audrey, Kelsey and myself step up into those roles to help the freshmen and sophomores continue to get acclimated and just make sure our team is ready to go.

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