Post-meet Quotes: Big Ten Championships (2nd Place)

Nov. 3, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Mike McGuire
On his overall thoughts on the race
... "We're a little disappointed in the result, but I felt we gave great effort -- the girls know that we gave great effort. We had a lot of positives come out of the race, starting with Erin (Finn) winning the individual title. It's our first individual champion since 2006. It got started with her and a Big Ten individual title is a tremendous accomplishment, even more so for a true freshman. She's done a good job of growing within the framework of the team and getting settled in."

On having the top freshman finisher the past three years ... "Part of it is that we're identifying people who have talent coming out of high school and I think maturity and desire are part of it too. You have to have a professional approach to transitioning to this level. I always tell the kids, you don't have to be a professional to have a professional approach. I've coach professional athletes and the common denominator with all of them is having a professional approach from the onset when they got to Michigan. I'd say that's true of Taylor Pogue, Shannon (Osika) and now Erin (Finn) here in the last three years."

On making the decision to not run Taylor Pogue today ... "First and foremost my concern was Taylor's health. We tried to get some strides in yesterday and she just didn't have any capacity to push off with that compromised foot and we felt it was prudent that we not put her on the line under false pretenses. The girls needed to know before the race instead of putting her out there and maybe have her not finish the race. Again, her health is most important. If it's a situation where we can get her back for regionals and or nationals then that's great. We definitely missed her point contribution and her presence out on the course."

On regrouping for regionals and nationals ... "Two years ago it was even closer at the Big Ten meet in Champaign (Ill.) and we came back and won the regional meet at Toledo. We got beat by a good team today, but we know we're a good team also. I think we can continue to grow. We had some good things happen today and we just have to have those continue to happen and build on some other things and we'll be fine."

U-M Freshman Erin Finn
On winning the individual Big Ten title ... "It's one of the greatest honors of my life. Recently I've been looking back at high school and none of that really matters. To have something that really matters because of my team and because of their help is one of the greatest honors. The fact that my team would help me get here is amazing. I will always remember how blessed and lucky I was to have the opportunity."

On how the race played out ... "I felt really, really good today -- I felt like we were jogging. Gabi (Anzalone) from Wisconsin fell back and then I was probably 50-75 meters behind another Wisconsin girl and coach McGuire just told me to go so I reeled her in and she fell back and slowed down. I kept going and didn't look back from there -- that was right before 3K I think. It was a pipe dream to win. Obviously the main goal was to win as a team and I wanted to be Big Ten Freshman of the Year, but to be the Big Ten champ, I really don't even know what to think right now."