Postmeet Quotes: NCAA Great Lakes Regional

Nov. 15, 2013

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U-M Junior Brook Handler
On winning three straight regional titles ... "It means a lot for us to come back and win regionals three years in a row. Obviously, we'd rather win Big Tens, but you can't have a good race every time, and I think it just shows our heart and out strength that we're able to come back and win regionals three years in a row. I'm blessed to be uninjured and healthy and ready to run for three years. I'm excited that I've been able to contribute for three years in a row."

On what things went right for the team today ... "We packed up really well. Our two through five runners were together for a huge portion of the race, and we just fed off each other's energy a ton. I know Shannon (Osika) and I stay connected the entire race, and that just completely changes my race when I'm with someone else. I know Taylor Manett was right behind us feeding off our energy. I know (Megan) Weschler didn't have as good of a day as she had at Big Tens, but she was there feeding off our energy as well. It makes a huge difference when you use your teammates. We had a few setbacks right before Big Tens, and I think that affected the way we were able to be pack run, but it's really good that we were able to pack run today and feed off each other's energy going into the national meet. Hopefully, we'll use this as a springboard going into nationals."

On the men's and women's teams winning regionals for the first time ever ... "It was really exciting when the boys came back to the tent after their race and had won -- we all got so pumped up by it. We had both gotten the same place at Big Tens, so we said that we were going to do it again. It definitely boosted our moods a ton. It was exciting for them, exciting for us, and we're all really happy heading back home."