Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Lindsey Gallo
Aug. 27, 2014

Former Michigan women's cross country and track athlete Lindsey Gallo (2000-05) ranks among the top distance runners in program history, earning six All-America honors and six Big Ten individual titles. She anchored the Wolverines' distance medley relay team to the title at the 2005 NCAA Indoor Championships, just weeks after winning the mile, 3,000- and 5,000-meter runs at the conference indoor meet en route to the Big Ten Indoor Athlete of the Year, Athlete of the Championship and USTCA Regional Athlete of the Year awards.

Lindsey Gallo

During her tenure, the Wolverines' captured eight Big Ten team titles -- two in cross country, three in indoor track and three in outdoor track -- and completed the triple crown in 2002 and 2003. Michigan also claimed fourth place at the 2003 NCAA Cross Country Championships -- her senior season.

Gallo also excelled in the classroom, twice garnering Academic All-America honors while earning a bachelor's in business administration and a master's degree in accounting. She was selected as Michigan's 2005 female recipient of the Big Ten Medal of Honor. After running professionally in the Washington D.C. area, Gallo earned her PhD in accounting from the University of Maryland in 2014 and returned to Ann Arbor, with her fiancé and fellow Michigan graduate Matt Carpenter, as an assistant professor within the Ross School of Business this summer.

Q. What was your process to earn your PhD?

A. The first couple of years is all coursework, so you're in the classroom. Then you start working on your dissertation, which is third year going into fourth. The title of my dissertation is "The More We Know about Fundamentals, the Less We Agree on Price: Evidence from Earnings Announcements." It looked at how investors disagree about earnings and price around earnings announcements, and what induces that type of disagreement. A lot of the fifth year is spent on the job market. I interviewed at 10 schools, got eight job offers, and luckily Michigan was one of them. I defended my dissertation in May.

Q. What drew you to accounting?

A. I concentrated in accounting in the B.B.A. program here, and then I used my fifth year of eligibility to get my Master's of accounting. I was just really interested in it when I was in school here. I ended up running professionally when I graduated, knowing that I wanted to go back to school eventually. I had been interested in getting a PhD. Accounting was a good fit. One of my professors from Michigan was at Maryland, and I emailed him because I was living and training in the D.C. area. I asked him about the PhD program and it went from there.

Q. What is it about Michigan and Ann Arbor that pulls you back here?

A. For me, I have such fond memories of my time as a student-athlete here. I had the most fantastic time -- in the classroom, on the track. I loved wearing the Maize and Blue and representing Michigan. I remained a huge Michigan fan in D.C., went to the Final Four a couple years ago and stayed involved and caught up with the athletic department. Ann Arbor is not only a great college town, it's a great city and a great place to raise a family and have all the resources that the university provides.

Q. While you were at Michigan, you were obviously extensively involved on the athletic side. Are you excited to experience more behind the scenes on the academic side?

A. The Ross School of Business is phenomenal, and the scholars here are incredible. You don't necessarily appreciate that when you're an undergrad student -- the type of research being done here and the resources available to you as a faculty member. The university has such a great support system for its faculty, which is not surprising since they have a great support system for its students and athletes. That extends across the university. I think it will be a lot of fun. Having been a student here, I know what they're going through. It gives me unique perspective. I'm excited to be on the other side of it and hopefully my experience as a student here will make me a more effective educator.

Q. What are you teaching this semester? Are you at all nervous about it?

A. I'm teaching two sections of Accounting 300, which is the introduction to the financial accounting course for the B.B.A. program. So, it will be sophomores. I'm excited, maybe a little nervous. I taught at Maryland while I was getting my PhD. The students here are really fantastic. So, it will be demanding but in a good way. I'm excited to meet my students and get started.

Q. How much are you running?

A. Much less than I used to. I was joking with one of my former teammates that something must have happened to the tectonic plates in Michigan, because all the runs are taking me longer than they used to and they're harder. So, I don't know if the elevation has changed or what's going on. It's been a lot of fun to revisit the old routes I used to do. I'm definitely running more here than I had been in graduate school. So, hopefully I'll start running some more but not nearly as much. I'm not in as good of shape; that seems to go away rather quickly.

Q. Is this a good running town?

A. I think it's a great running town. You don't realize when you're just walking around campus that there are so many paths to run on. Washtenaw County has done a good job preserving the green space and places to run. Running along the river is beautiful, Gallup Park, the Arboretum, there are plenty of dirt roads -- there are so many great places. I think it's a fantastic place to run, and it doesn't surprise me how many runners end up staying when they become professional athletes. It's a great place to train.


Q. Mike McGuire is obviously quite excited to have you back in the Ann Arbor area. Are you looking forward to having an opportunity to be around the team and watch them compete?

A. I'm so glad that Mike is still here. He is such an amazing coach and puts together a fantastic group of women every year. They get better and better. I'm really looking forward to going to competitions, cheering for the team and stopping by the track. I stopped by the other day, and the freshmen were getting ready to leave for camp. That was fun. I was in that place 14 years ago. I still have the school record in the 1,500, but I know it's not long for this world and it'd be great to see it broken. That was a big pull for me -- to come back here and have an opportunity to support and be around this program.

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