Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Shannon Osika
Shannon Osika

Nov. 21, 2013

Sophomore Shannon Osika discusses her postseason comeback from an injury and being a part of two regional championship teams and also previews this Saturday's NCAA Championships.

On the process of working through her injury ... "It was definitely a rollercoaster because there were good days and bad days. There were times when I would have a really good day and be able to run outside and then the next day I would be tender so I would be back on the elliptical or bike. It was really hard because I would get excited and think I was going to travel and then it would go downhill and uphill again. It was hard, but in the end it all worked out so I guess that's all that matters. I had a few good runs leading up to Big Tens and I was able to work out. After I had a couple good workouts we decided we were going to go for it and see how it would go."

On making the decision the come back and run during the postseason ... "I definitely have no regrets. Even though we didn't get the Big Ten title, that experience of racing at Big Tens and racing in the Block M, I love to do that as much as possible. Whenever I have the chance I'm going to do it. I think it was all worth it because we did have a great shot at Big Tens and then I also got to race regionals and win another title with my team, and now we're going to NCAAs. Those are all meaningful meets where I wanted to be able to contribute as much as possible."

On what went well at regionals that the team needs to carry over to NCAAs ... "I think we had confidence that we had more in us after Big Tens. We were really motivated after that and hungry to get back out there. The energy we had after Big Tens really helped us. Also, we did have another couple weeks of training in us. It was nice that coach McGuire had that confidence in me, because that helped me have confidence in myself. I think it so well because we were confident and excited to race and we just need to carry that over into nationals."

On the opportunity to compete for coach McGuire ... "I think it's really cool. I knew coming in that he was a really good coach -- my dad knew him and always talked about how great and well respected he was. It's no surprise to us that he won Coach of the Year because he is such a great coach."

On the team's goals for the NCAA Championships ... "We really want to get on the podium. We were really close last year and we're feeling really good about it going in. I think we just need to pack up and continue to know that we have each other out there on the course. Brook (Handler) and I did that pretty well at regionals -- we were together most of the time and were able to move with each other. When she was falling back I was able to help her and when I was falling back she would help me. If we could get that group bigger and add in Taylor Manett and Megan Weschler I think good things can happen."

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