University of Michigan Athletic Medicine

As certified members of the National Athletic Trainer's Association, all University of Michigan athletic trainers strive to follow the NATA mission statement:

The mission of the National Athletic Trainer's Association is to enhance the quality of health care provided by certified athletic trainers and to advance the athletic training profession.

Darryl P. Conway, MA, AT, ATC Associate Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Health & Welfare
Rick Bancroft, MS, AT, ATC Ice Hockey
Brian Boyls-White, MS, AT, ATC Softball, Dance
Zachary Brown, MS, AT, ATC Swimming & Diving, Water Polo
Claire Coates, MS, AT, ATC Field Hockey, Men's Gymnastics
Christina Fanning, MS, AT, ATC Track & Field, Cross Country
David Granito, MS, AT, ATC Football
Lisa Hass, MA, AT, ATC Women's Gymnastics, Rowing
Michelle Heiser, MS, AT, ATC Women's Lacrosse
Mike Hickey, MEd, AT, ATC Women's Soccer
Kimberley Hill, MS, AT, ATC Baseball
Phil Johnson, MS, AT, ATC Football
Jeremy Marra, MS, AT, ATC Men's Lacrosse
Kelsey Penebaker, MA, AT, ATC Volleyball, Cheerleading
Joel Pickerman, MS, AT, ATC Wrestling
Melissa Pohorence, MA, AT, ATC Women's Basketball, Women's Golf
Paul Schmidt, MS, AT, ATC, PT Head Athletic Trainer/Rehabilitation Specialist
Bill Shinavier, MS, AT, ATC Men's Soccer
Jen Werner, MS, AT, ATC Men's & Women's Tennis
Jason Williams, MS, AT, ATC Football
Alex Wong, MS, AT, ATC Men's Basketball, Men's Golf
Vahan Agbabian, MA, AT, ATC Rehabilitation Specialist - Football
Lenny Navitskis, MEd, AT, ATC Physician Extender
Beth Remke, MPT Rehabilitation Specialist
Andrea Fortunati, MS, AT, ATC Cross Country, Track & Field
Samantha Grove, MA, AT, ATC Water Polo
Samuel Johnson, MS, AT, ATC Rowing
Meagan O'Grady, MS, AT, ATC Men's Gymnastics
Matthew Walker, MAT, AT, ATC Cross Country, Track & Field
Griffin Haddad, AT, ATC Football
Asheesh Bedi, MD Head Orthopedic Team Physician
James Carpenter, MD Orthopedic Team Physician
Jeffrey Housner, MD Family Practice/Primary Care Sports Medicine Team Physician
Amy Miller, MD Family Practice/Primary Care Sports Medicine Team Physician
Bruce Miller, MD Orthopedic Team Physician
Kylee Phillips, MD, MBA Primary Care Sports Medicine/Emergency Medicine Team Physician
Andrea Almeida, MD Team Neurologist
Matthew Lorincz, MD, PhD Team Neurologist
Hassen Berri, MD Sports Medicine Fellow
Matt Burrus, MD Orthopedic Fellow
Moin Khan, MD Orthopedic Fellow
Kent Scheff, MD Sports Medicine Fellow
Zach Bennett Performance Dietitian Fellow
Scott Goldman, Ph.D. Director of the Performance Psychology Center
Barb Hansen, LMSW Clinical Social Worker/Athletic Counseling
Greg Harden, MSW Executive Associate Athletic Director/Athletic Counseling
Will Heininger Athletic Counseling Liaison
Tiffany Ilten, RD, LD Performance Dietitian
Caroline Mandel, MS, RD, CSSD Director of Performance Nutrition
Sandra Maupin Medical Office Manager