Game Plan

Education and Awareness

Education and awareness are critical to the success of the athletic department's strategic initiative to "Think Planet Blue" and identify opportunities to engage in sustainable practices. To understand the importance and process of practicing sustainability, we need to educate our fans, student-athletes and staff to truly make a difference. This website is the beginning of that education.

Long-Range Goals

• Engage student-athletes, coaches, team members and fans as active participants in sustainability and living planet blue
• Outwardly demonstrate our commitment to sustainability
• Prioritize sustainability in decision-making processes


• Provide sustainability training and education, customized to specific job roles
• Solicit sponsorship funding for sustainable initiatives
• Host zero-waste meetings
• Achieve multiple 'sustainable workplace' certifications
• Embrace MSAS and leverage their enthusiasm
• Highlight sustainability efforts at events on video boards

Game Plan

Office of Campus Sustainability