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Our Mission

To develop a strategic sustainability plan that outlines Michigan Athletics' commitment to environmental stewardship and living Planet Blue.


What's New?

Zero Waste at Michigan Stadium

The U-M Athletic Department is striving toward zero waste at Michigan Stadium for the 2017 season.

Michigan Stadium

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Living Planet Blue

At Michigan Athletics, we strive to be the leaders and best in every way. That extends to our impact on the environment. We endeavor to adapt and promote sustainable practices and create a culture of environmental stewardship.

In partnership with the Office of Campus Sustainability, we have developed a strategy for reducing our impact on the environment and established many sustainability goals.

Steered by a committee comprised of team members, student-athletes and campus partners, the athletic department is committed to sustainability and living Planet Blue.

Game Plan

We will research, adapt and promote sustainable practices throughout the athletic department by focusing on the following four areas:

Waste Reduction and Recycling  » Waste Reduction and Recycling - Game Day and Every Day 
Sustainable Building Infrastructure  » Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building Infrastructure 
Sustainable Cleaning Practices  » Water Conservation, Chemical Usage and Sustainable Cleaning Practices 
Education and Awareness  » Education and Awareness 

Office of Campus Sustainability