Facility Initiatives

Field Hockey Stadium/Phyllis Ocker Field

Phyllis Ocker Field

Energy Efficiency Measures

• High-performing thermal envelope to reduce heating and cooling demand
• A balanced fenestration to provide optimal light transmittance and thermal performance
• Energy Recovery enthalpy wheel designed to recover by transferring heat from exhaust air to preheat supply air
• Heat pumps to maximize efficiency by balancing the loads between hot and cold therapy pools
• Occupancy sensors for lights and mechanical equipment
• High-efficiency mechanical equipment, in addition to the energy conservation measures above to reduce annual operating expenses

Other Sustainability Features at Field Hockey Stadium

• Use of Best Management Practices and Erosion and Sedimentation control measures during construction to minimize and prevent pollution, soil erosion, waterway sedimentation and airborne dust generation
• Low-flow plumbing fixtures reducing estimated annual water usage by 31.7 percent
• Building materials utilizing a high amount of recycled content and sourced as locally as possible
• Very low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) utilized in building components

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Office of Campus Sustainability