Facility Initiatives

Donald R. Shepherd Softball Center

Alumni Field

Energy Efficiency Measures

• Designed to be 30 percent better than Michigan Energy Code ASHRAE 90.1-2007
• Employed Energy Conservation Measures beyond the requirement for wall insulation values, roof insulation values, window glazing performance
• Optimized occupancy schedules, HVAC system zoning, and part load HVAC system efficiency
• Improved ventilation efficiencies
• Heat recovery
• Demand control ventilation
• Very limited use of incandescent lighting
• Energy-efficient LED site lighting
• Occupancy sensors tied to lighting controls to harvest daylight
• Heat pump to recover waste heat from chilling cold hydrotherapy pool and use for heating warm hydrotherapy pool

Other Sustainability Features at the Softball Center

• Only low-VOC materials used on interior spaces
• 20 percent recycled and regional materials
• 75 percent diversion rate for construction waste
• Indoor Air Quality plan for all construction activities
• 20 percent reduction in potable water demand based off code requirements
• Reuse of previously developed site

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Office of Campus Sustainability