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Waste Reduction and Recycling


Like all facilities on the university campus, athletic facilities feature single-stream recycling, which means no sorting is necessary. Reducing the amount of waste produced and diverting as much waste as possible to recycling facilities is one of our top priorities.

In Fiscal Year 2012, more than one million pounds of total waste were collected from the numerous facilities we operate, including Michigan Stadium. Encouragingly, we sent 40.8% of that waste to recycling facilities, diverting more than 485,000 pounds from landfills. But we can do better. Our goal for Fiscal Year 13 is a recycling rate of 35% and we are striving to recycle 40 percent of all waste collected in Fiscal Year 14.

In 2013, we are introducing composting with Sodexo, our concessions partner, for all back-of-house food preparation at Michigan Stadium. This means that organic waste from food preparation will be composted. We are also continuing to develop plans to improve our overall recycling and waste diversion program at the Big House.

Our goal is for everyone involved in Michigan Athletics to be an active recycler, including our fans, coaches, student-athletes and staff. Through signage, more containers and education, we are confident we can significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

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Long-Range Goals

• Limit solid waste production to necessary waste only
• Achieve an average annual waste diversion rate that exceeds the campus average
• Develop game day specific waste diversion programs, including large scale zero-waste events


• Implement a compostable waste diversion program
• Conduct annual audits of day-to-day recycling operations at all facilities
• Conduct annual audits of game day recycling at all sports
• Create a messaging campaign, including customized recycling signage
• Procure standardized waste containers

Game Plan

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