2013 Football Dynamic Pricing Initial Starting Prices

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Listed below are the initial starting prices for the Donor/Season Ticket Holder on-sale for Tuesday, July 30, at 8:30 a.m. Note: These are only the initial starting prices and are subject to change once the sale starts. For additional information review the FAQ below.

Date Opponent Preferred Seat Donation Tier# Secondary Market*
Victors Valiant Maize Blue End Zone
Aug. 31 CMU Central Michigan $100 $90 $80 $70 $70 $57-480**
Sept. 7 ND Notre Dame $500 $400 $350 $250 $195 $314-1980
Sept. 14 Akron Akron $90 $80 $75 $65 $65 $34-379**
Oct. 5 Minnesota Minnesota $115 $100 $95 $85 $85 $50-999**
Oct. 19 Indiana Indiana $100 $95 $90 $80 $75 $51-580**
Nov. 9 Nebraska Nebraska $250 $200 $150 $120 $99 $104-980
Nov. 30 Ohio State Ohio State $400 $325 $295 $220 $195 $219-2000

# Preferred Seat Donation Tiers

* Average Secondary Market Ticket Prices based off an aggregate number of secondary market ticketing sites. Current averages as of July 29, 2013.

** Prices for single-game tickets sold by Michigan will not go below the Season Ticket Holder price of $65/game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this affect Season Ticket Holders prices?
A: No. This only applies to single-game tickets. As always, being a Michigan Football Season Ticket Holder guarantees fans they will pay the lowest price for their select seat. To become a 2014 Season Ticket Holder, join the Football Interest List.

Q: What happens to fans who just want to buy single-game tickets for the games with the highest demand?
A: Single-game premium ticket buyers are important to Michigan Athletics and as such will be provided with an opportunity to purchase tickets at the price the current market dictates as fair. If demand is high (as in the Notre Dame game for instance) single game premium ticket buyers can expect to pay a higher price.

Q: What is dynamic pricing?
A: The act of changing the price of a specific seating section for a specific game over time. This does not necessarily mean that every section of every game will be affected. Dynamic pricing is widely accepted within the hotel, airline and professional sports industries. Michigan Athletics is working with the dynamic pricing sports leader QCue on this effort.

Q: Why are you implementing dynamic pricing?
A: In today's ticketing industry, more and more fans are bypassing the primary ticketing channel and purchasing tickets for high demand games at elevated prices through secondary ticket web sites. Therefore, that increased revenue is a loss for Michigan Athletics. Dynamic pricing allows us to capture this revenue to help support all of U-M's 31 teams and 900-plus student-athletes.

Q: Does the move to a dynamic pricing structure have anything to do with Michigan's partnership with StubHub?
A: No. StubHub is exclusively Michigan's secondary ticket market partner and has nothing to do with our primary market sales. The dynamic pricing changes fans may see will reflect the listings (not sales) we and the general public are seeing throughout the entire secondary market industry. The prices you see will be a direct reflection of the actual market conditions in real time.

Q: How are ticket price changes decided?
A: Adjustments will be made based on multiple factors such as demand, scarcity, team performance, visiting team performance, etc. Note -- prices will not drop below the season ticket cost of $65.

Q: How do you decide if single-game tickets are available?
A: Single-game tickets are always made available for Michigan Football games to ensure new generations of fans can experience Michigan Football at Michigan Stadium.

Q: How do I know how much my ticket will cost?
A: With dynamic pricing, ticket prices are subject to change at any time. Fans will always have the most up-to-date pricing for tickets online at MGoBlue.com, the Michigan Athletics Ticket Office and over the phone (866) 296-MTIX. All ticket outlets will have the same ticket pricing.

Q. How often will prices change?
A: Prices are subject to change at any time and will change based upon market demand.

Q: How many single-game tickets will be available this season?
A: A limited number of single-game tickets will be available for all seven home games. Single-game tickets are made available after fulfilling Season Tickets, Student Season Tickets, Ticket Packs and other miscellaneous needs (e.g. recruiting).

Q: Which tickets will be subject to dynamic pricing?
A: All Michigan Football single-game tickets at Michigan Stadium may be priced in this manner.

Q: Will there be just one dynamic price for each game?
A: No. Prices will vary based on ticket availability within each defined Preferred Seat Donation tier so there could be up to five different prices per game. The least expensive tickets will be in the Endzone, while the most expensive tickets will be in the Victors tier.

» View: Preferred Seat Donation Tiers

Q: Will this affect Ticket Pack prices?
A: No. This only applies to single-game tickets. Ticket Pack buyers will pay the original single-game prices of either $75/game for non-premium games or $95 for premium games.

Q: How do I know I'm getting the best price for my tickets?
A: The best price will continue to be through season ticket plans. For single-game tickets, fans are encouraged to plan ahead and buy early for the best prices. Ticket prices will typically be at their lowest in advance and gradually increase as the game day approaches.

Q: Why isn't the Notre Dame game included as a Ticket Pack option?
A: Due to very high demand, including internal tickets (recruiting, sponsors, etc.) Notre Dame tickets will only be made available as single-game tickets.

Q: Does dynamic pricing change the way I buy single-game tickets?
A: No. Fans will still be able to buy their tickets the same way they have in the past online at MGoBlue.com, the Michigan Athletics Ticket Office and over the phone (866) 296-MTIX.

Q. How many single-game tickets can I purchase per game?
A: There is a four (4) ticket limit for Notre Dame and Ohio State, a six (6) ticket limit for Minnesota and Nebraska, and no limit for the other three (3) home games.

Q. What happens if prices lower after I buy my tickets?
A: As always, all sales are final. Typically as the game gets closer and supplies diminish, ticket prices will increase.

Q. What happens when single-game tickets sell out?
A: Always try MGoBlue.com first to check ticket availability. In some cases, late returns are made available for purchase close to the game date. Or, you can always visit StubHub, the Official Fan-to-Fan Ticket Marketplace of the Wolverines.

Q: Will this change other promotions?
A: Popular season-long ticket offers such as the Coke Zero Football Family Pack and Pick Your Pack will continue in 2013. You can view the latest promotions at MGoBlue.com/fanzone.

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