Renewal Central

Welcome to Renewal Central, Michigan Football Season Ticket Holders' destination for all information related to renewing their Michigan football season tickets.

Season ticket renewals for the 2016 season will be made available April 1. If you have any question regarding your season tickets, please contact the ticket office directly at or (734) 764-0247.

Online Renewal Instructions

Note: Please use one of the supported web browsers listed at the bottom of the Season Renewals login screen.

• Review the season ticket renewal policies.

• Go to and click on Season Renewals.

• If you have previously activated your online season ticket account, login with your account number or email address and password.

• If you have never activated your online season ticket account, click on REGISTER NOW and enter your customer number and PIN. Complete your registration and submit.

• After logging in, you will see the link for your application. You may enter any seating or mailing requests in the Comments box (limit 500 characters). Away game tickets for which you are eligible will be listed on your application.

• If you need assistance with your online season ticket account or login, please email or call 866-296-6849 between 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Seat Upgrade Request

If you would like to request an upgrade or a change in your current Michigan Football Season Tickets, please indicate your request in the comment box in your online application, or include a note if mailing in a paper renewal form. Be sure to read our guidelines below before filling out the comment box.

Requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled

Fulfillment of seat upgrade requests will be based on the following set of criteria:

• Available season ticket inventory. This is dependent upon other current season ticket holders not renewing their tickets or requesting changes.

• Your priority point total in comparison with others requesting changes.

If your seat upgrade request is fulfilled

• If you request to upgrade your Preferred Seating Donation (PSD) tier and your request is fulfilled, you will be responsible for paying the difference in PSD from your current seats to your new seats by the date provided. To see the various PSD tiers at Michigan Stadium click here.

• If you request to add additional seats and your request is fulfilled, you will be responsible for paying for your new season tickets and the PSD for your new seats by the date provided.

If additional payment is required, the Michigan Athletics Ticket Office will email you in June.

Tips for seat upgrade requests

• When requesting upgrades, please note that the more broad your request, the more likely it will be to be fulfilled. Example (Good): Please upgrade my seats from the Blue tier to the Maize Tier above row 50.

• If your request is too specific and there is not available inventory then you will not be moved. Example (Bad): Please increase my seats from 2 to 4 next to my current seats in Section 1, Row 50, Seats 1 & 2

• Be prepared to accept the new season ticket location if you request an upgrade. You will not have the opportunity to choose between multiple upgrade options. Most available season tickets will be in the corner of the End Zone and Blue Tiers in very low or very high rows.

Away Game Tickets

Away game tickets are offered to current season ticket holders each year during the season ticket renewal. When you sign into your account to renew your season tickets, the opportunity to purchase tickets to away games will also be available based on your priority point level. Priority point totals used to determine away game eligibility will be based upon point totals as of March 28, 2016. Should we receive more away game ticket requests than available tickets, we will fulfill orders in priority points order and refund any orders we are unable to accommodate.

Priority Point totals for 2016 away game ticket offers are as follows:

Game Ticket Limit Point Requirement
Rutgers 4 500
Michigan State 4 / 6 250+ / 500+
Iowa 6 250
Ohio State 4 250


All Football Season Ticket Holders had the opportunity to request parking for the 2016 Football Season. If you were offered the opportunity to purchase parking, your lot assignment is included on your season ticket renewal application. All parking was allocated based on priority points, as of February 15, 2016. Below are the point cutoffs to be offered parking in each of our lots for the 2016 football season:

• Champions Lot - Suite Holders
• Champions Lot - $25,000 Annual Giving
• Blue Lot - 790 points
• Grey Lot - 555 points
• Brown Lot - 250 points
• RV Parking (Blue) - 540 points
• ADA Parking (Blue) - 265 points
• ADA Parking (Champions N) - 270 points

Ticket Packs and Single-Game Tickets

Ticket Packs: Two football ticket options will become available to University of Michigan fans on June 14 with the "Go Blue Ticket Pack" and the "Family Pack."

Single-Game Tickets: Single-game tickets will go on sale in early July.

Additional Items

Seat Cushions are available to rent for the entire season at

Seat Cushion