2014-15 Football Student Seating Frequently Asked Questions

For the 2014 season, all student football season ticket holders will have reserved seats. Reserved seat locations will be based on a combination of 2013 attendance and class level. The order of the seat allocation, starting with the rows closest to the field, is as follows:

  1. SuperFans - Returning students who attended at least five games and arrived at or prior to kickoff during the 2013 football season. This number is estimated close to 6,000 students. Returning seniors/grad school students among these 6,000 students will be seated in the lowest rows.
  2. Returning seniors/grad school students
  3. Returning juniors
  4. Returning sophomores
  5. Returning freshmen
  6. New incoming students (freshmen, transfers and graduate)

New for 2014! Track your Attendance Points Online: Use your 8-digit ID number and password to sign in to your online student ticket account. By choosing "View My Priority Points" you can see the time you were scanned in at each football game as well as the number of points earned.

Attendance points will be updated by 10 a.m. on the Tuesday immediately following each home football game. Questions regarding points earned must be emailed to the Michigan Athletic Ticket Office at mtickets@umich.edu by Wednesday at 5 p.m. of the same week. All questions will be resolved by Friday at 5 p.m.

Tickets purchased through this exclusive offer are not subject to validation fees. A non-university person and does not need to acquire a validation sticker in order to enter student section and sit in the reserved seat location indicated on the ticket. Guests should enter Michigan Stadium using Gates 1, 2, 4, 8 or 9.

Starting with the 2015 season, all reserved seat locations will be decided by attendance points, not class level. Six (6) points/game are the most points that can be be earned. Student football season ticket holders earn points by:

  • Arriving 30 or more minutes prior to kickoff -- 6 points
  • Attending the game -- 3 points

Students can earn up to 36 points for the 2014 season, which is the equivalent to arriving to 6 games at 30 or more minutes prior to kickoff. In the case of students being unable to attend a game to due extenuating circumstances (e.g. holiday, university student breaks, weather, etc.) we will not count their "worst" game in their overall attendance points. Thus, only 6 of the 7 games will be calculated for attendance. Points earned will be applied to the attendance record of the student season ticket holder whose ticket is scanned.

Students will be seated by highest point totals in the lowest rows (36 points) and proceed to the upper rows. Incoming freshmen/new students will have not yet earned points and will be seated in the upper rows, but can quickly earn great seats in the lower rows after one season.

Students will be seated randomly within their attendance point status (e.g. if 2,000 kids have 36 points, they will be randomly seated and/or by their group average).

Groups can be formed with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 100 students. These groups will be calculated by an average group attendance score. In the past, reserved seating was based on the lowest student in the group.

There will be no attendance point carry-over season to season, meaning all points totals will reset to zero at the beginning of each new season. The following season's location will be determined by these points.

There will be no class level based priority starting in 2015.


I am a 2014 SuperFan. What does that mean?
During the 2013 football season, you were among the 6,000 students who arrived prior to or at kickoff to five or more games. The SuperFan designation gives you the highest seating priority for the 2014 season. SuperFans are seated in the lowest rows of the student section. Within the SuperFan priority, returning seniors/graduate students are seated first and then progressing upwards to returning juniors and so on.

If I am a SuperFan, can I still join a seating group?
Yes, you can still join a seating group. Please note that in order to maintain your SuperFan priority status, your group must only consist of other SuperFans. If a non-SuperFan joins your group, you will be seated after all other SuperFan students and your seat assignment will instead be based only on the average class level of your group.

How do I create or join a seating group?
When you log in to your student account, you are provided directions on how to create or join a seating group. It is important that you choose your desired group from the drop down list before you complete your order or else your group request will not be recorded. If the group maximum (100 members) has been reached before you have joined, the system displays an error message. While you can accept multiple group invitations, you can only join one (1) group to have your seat assigned with for the season.

Once you complete your order, you will receive an email confirming your purchased items as well as your group information. Print and/or save the order confirmation for your records.

I joined the wrong group and I already submitted my order. What do I do?
Email the Athletic Ticket Office at mtickets@umich.edu and include the following information: Student ID number, First and Last Name, Group Name and Password of the group with which you would like to be seated. We will confirm via email that the group change has been made to your account. Please note that the Ticket Office will make every effort to accommodate group changes, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted. Due to the nature and timing of the seating process, any group change requests made after April 18 (returning students) or June 24 (new students) will not be considered. If you have not yet submitted your order, you can log into your account (prior to the ordering deadline) and change your seating group.

How do I know know who joined my group?
Any student who has access the name and password of a group may join it as long as the group maximum has not yet been reached. The Athletic Ticket Office does not monitor the sharing of group information.

Due to University confidentiality policies, the Athletic Ticket Office cannot share any personal student information (name, email address, student ID number, class status, etc.) with anyone other than the student to which it belongs.

How are seats assigned based on the priority status, class levels, groups, and attendance points?
2014 Season: This fall, there is a combination of seating based on SuperFan priority and class level. SuperFans are seated in the lowest rows of the student section and then randomly assigned seats based on class level. All other student season ticket holders are seated in the rows above SuperFans and are randomly assigned seats based only on class level.

SuperFans may create and join groups, but in order to maintain SuperFan priority status a group must only consist of other SuperFans. A group that has both SuperFan and non-SuperFan members will be seated after all other SuperFan students and be given a seat assignment based only on the average class level of the group.

Groups that do not have SuperFan priority are seated only based on the average class level of the group members.

All student class levels are confirmed with the Registrar's Office.

2015 season: Beginning in 2015 and for future football seasons, all student season ticket holders will be randomly seated based only on the attendance points earned in the previous season. Students with the greatest number of points earned are seated in the lowest rows of the student section and progress upward to the students with the least number of points earned. Groups are seated based on the average points earned by group members.

In the case of students being unable to attend a game to due extenuating circumstances (e.g. holiday, university student breaks, weather, etc.) all students will have the game with the "worst" attendance not counted in their overall attendance points.

I do not wish to join a seating group. How will this affect my seat assignment?
If you choose to sit as an individual rather than join a seating group, it does not affect your seat assignment. All students (groups and individuals) are seated randomly within their priority and/or class level.

How does a non-student use a student ticket?
A student ticket may be used by a non-student if it is validated. The price of a validation sticker varies by game, Appalachian State (FREE), Penn State ($40), and remaining 5 home games ($20). You can validate the ticket at the Michigan Athletics Ticket Office (1000 South State Street), the Michigan Union (530 South State Street), or Student Will Call (Michigan Stadium Gate 9).

Where do I enter the stadium on gameday?
All students must enter Michigan Stadium at Gate 10.

I need student section accessible seating. What do I do?
Please contact the Athletic Ticket Office by emailing us at mtickets@umich.edu or calling (734) 764-0247. We will be able to provide you with seating options that best accommodate your needs and also answer any questions that you may have.

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