University of Michigan Hall of Honor

The University of Michigan Hall of Honor was established in 1978 to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions as athletes, coaches and administrators to the tradition of Wolverine athletics and, in doing so, have enhanced the image and reputation of the University of Michigan.

Those inducted into the Hall of Honor have earned All-America recognition in a team or individual sport or, as individuals have established an NCAA, American or World record; won an NCAA title, or made significant contributions to the Michigan Athletic Department as a coach or administrator.

Note: From 1990-2006, inductions were made every two years. No awards were presented in the biennial years of 1998 and 2000.

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2013 Hall of Honor induction class

Induction Ceremony
• Inductions: Gary Grant | Katie McGregor | Mark Messner

2013 Inductees

Gary Grant Men's Basketball (1985-88)
Katie McGregor Women's Track & Cross Country (1996-99)
Mark Messner Football (1985-88)


2012 Inductees

Induction Ceremony Photo Gallery
• Inductions: Gustavo Borges | Brendan Morrison | Rob Lytle

Gustavo Borges Men's Swimming (1992-95)
Rob Lytle* Football (1974-76)
Brendan Morrison Ice Hockey (1994-97)
* denotes posthumous induction


2011 Hall of Honor induction class

Induction Ceremony Photo Gallery   |  Casey Close Interview

2011 Inductees

Casey Close Baseball (1983-86)
Brian Eisner Men's Tennis (1969-99)
Sara Griffin Softball (1995-98)
Alecia Humphrey Women's Swimming (1992-95)
Molly McClimon Women's Cross Country/Track (1991-94)
Johnny Orr Men's Basketball (1968-80)


2010 Hall of Honor induction class

2010 Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony Photo Gallery

2010 Inductees

Rick Bay Wrestling (1961-64)
Dave Brown* Football (1971-74)
Joanna Bullard (Mehall) Women's Track and Field (1980-83)
Don Dufek Jr. Football and Ice Hockey (1973-76)
Wendy Marshall (Martin) Women's Gymnastics (1993-96)
Greg Meyer Men's Track and Field (1973-77)
Glen Rice Men's Basketball (1985-89)
Barbara Weinstein (McGrath) Women's Diving (1978-80)
* denotes posthumous induction