Yearly Michigan Team Finishes

2014-15 SEASON

Through Feb. 21, 2015

Sport Record   Conf.   NCAA
Men's Basketball      
Women's Basketball      
Men's Cross Country --- 2nd 11th
Women's Cross Country --- 3rd 18th
Field Hockey 13-7 T2nd ---
Football 5-7 5th+ ---
Men's Golf      
Women's Golf      
Men's Gymnastics      
Women's Gymnastics      
Ice Hockey      
Men's Lacrosse      
Women's Lacrosse      
Women's Rowing      
Men's Soccer 6-9-3 T6th ---
Women's Soccer 12-5-3 3rd ---
Men's Swimming and Diving      
Women's Swimming and Diving   3rd  
Men's Tennis      
Women's Tennis      
Men's Indoor Track and Field      
Women's Indoor Track and Field      
Men's Outdoor Track and Field      
Women's Outdoor Track and Field      
Volleyball 13-17 9th ---
Women's Water Polo      

+ indicates East Division finish

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